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John Scarne, More Than Magic by Bill Ragsdale.

A free lecture at the March 14 IBM 192 Meeting

There is more to legendary John Scarne's career than the first three tricks in Stars of Magic and six references in Greater Magic. His efforts spanned platform magic, book and magazine authorship, game design, casino operations in Cuba, Puerto Rico & Panama and television performances as well as creating a newsletter and specialty advertising.

Foremost John Scarne Authority Bill Ragsdale will cover the little known aspects of those activities. Today we will see John Scarne in action in film from 1933, 1950, 1970 and 1979. Bill will answer the questions: "Was Scarne that good?" "Why was his son named Teeko?" "Why did Houdini tell him 'The farther you get ahead, the more your magician friends will turn against you'?" and "What was it like to entertain three US Presidents and Fidel Castro?"

The presentation is supported by extensive video, previously unreleased photographs, a statistical computer analysis and Bill's seventy-two page research report.

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